Private Clients

A primary objective of Aspire Consulting is to recommend prudent, timely, and imaginative investment ideas… to be a firm that can be trusted to achieve complex financial goals in uncertain market environments. 

Many individual investors have been financially hurt and disillusioned by the recent bear market and corporate scandals, after the euphoria they felt during the raging bull market of the late 1990s. Investors who attempted to manage their own portfolio are seeking advice from an investment professional. Investors who worked with a commission-based broker are concerned that trades may not be in their best interest, and are more comfortable with a fee-only advisor. Investors who have attempted to choose their own money manager have generally not developed serious criteria for their selection, may be disappointed in their returns, and would appreciate a disciplined approach to manager selection. 

Financial planners often adhere to static asset allocation models based on well-documented research. These static models may achieve the desired results over a very long-term time horizon; however, it is our experience that most individual investors do not truly have the patience or the short-term risk tolerance for such strategies. We believe that individual investors pay us to monitor the markets and recommend smart changes to their portfolio. Our unique asset allocation strategies are designed to provide short-term flexibility in order to protect principal during difficult market environments, and to generate superior returns over long time periods. 

To provide such competent and thorough investment counsel, we must have a clear understanding of each client's needs, expectations, and goals. We initiate each client relationship with a "straight talk" discussion of their overall financial position, and then utilize our disciplined process of investment analysis. We are personal in our delivery of investment planning, investment analysis, and investment results to provide our clients with financial peace of mind. 

Our ideal client relationship is one in which we serve as part of a "team of advisors," which would typically consist of the client's CPA, estate planning or tax attorney, insurance broker, and banker, as well as Aspire Financial Consultants as the investment consultant. We welcome the opportunity to work with these other professional advisors, in order to ensure consistency and continuity of the entire financial planning and management process. It is our belief that no single firm can adequately provide top-quality expertise in all of these important disciplines; therefore, the client is best served by hiring an expert for each piece of their financial puzzle, and allow them to work together on behalf of the client. 

Specifically, Aspire Consulting offers the following investment consulting services for individual and family relationships:

Analysis of Current Position
  • Structural analysis of current investment holdings and "back test" calculation of portfolio returns
  • Review current investment strategies
  • Assess client investment goals, cash flow considerations, income requirements, tax situation, return expectations, risk tolerance, and time horizon for each account.
  • Evaluate special considerations, such as family issues, estate planning, sale of business, low cost basis stock holdings, or other securities constraints.

Design Optimal Portfolio
  • Propose optimal asset allocation strategies based on capital markets projections and client objectives
  • Address strategic and tactical investment strategies
  • Advise on investment alternatives
  • Educate on modern portfolio concepts and the capital markets

Formalize Investment Policy
  • Outline investment objectives, investment guidelines, securities guidelines, and procedures for selecting and monitoring money managers
  • Establish expectations of risk and return of the portfolio, and performance measurement standards for money managers
  • Prepare written Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • Search for money managers based on client-specific guidelines as outlined in the IPS
  • Alternative money manager structures proposed
  • Recognition of tax consequences
  • Money manager fees and account minimums negotiated
  • Custody services secured
  • Coordinate and supervise implementation of the IPS

Ongoing Supervision
  • Comprehensive quarterly reports to include performance measurement and comparative analysis of overall portfolio and money managers
  • Personal presentation of reports to client/family
  • Discussion and documentation of changing client objectives, tactical asset allocation strategies, and portfolio rebalancing
  • Execution of appropriate changes

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