Investment Consulting

Established in 2002, Aspire Consulting provides customized consulting and investment solutions, including outsourced-CIO (OCIO) services. Through its investment consulting services to public and corporate clients, Aspire consultants provide strategic advice on asset allocation, risk management, investment policy development, asset class structuring, investment manager evaluation and monitoring. 

Mission statement
Aspire Consulting serves institutional clients with custom solutions including advisory consulting, discretionary management, and investment technology resources. Our clients’ satisfaction defines our position as a premier, employee-owned investment consulting firm.

Client profile
Aspire Consulting’s client base includes more than 115 corporate and public defined contribution and defined benefit pension funds, fund managers, foundations, endowments, healthcare, and insurance companies.

We also provide discretionary consulting services, tailored to each client’s unique objectives and risk tolerances.

Competitive advantages
We distinguish our investment consulting services from those of our competitors based on the experience of our consultants, our proprietary investment technology, culture of risk management and our investment research. In addition, we are also characterized by our unique service delivery model.

Consultant experience
Aspire's consultants have diverse backgrounds with experience in the investment management, plan sponsor, and custody businesses. Our senior consultants provide client service through a dedicated team structure, with specialized support provided by departments within Aspire Consulting. Aspire’s senior consulting staff averages over 13 years at Aspire and 21 years with the industry. Moreover, 87% have post-graduate degrees and 73% hold the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Proprietary investment technology
Aspire has been building commercial investment analytics for 40 years and earned a leadership position in the industry by consistently delivering innovative investment research and services to the institutional market. Our clients trust Aspire to transform complex theory into practical applications.

Culture of risk management
Aspire Consulting’s expertise in building risk models helps us understand the benefits and limitations inherent in many common approaches fund sponsors use to make investment decisions. We are able to manage the transition from theory to practice, with the goal of helping clients manage, rather than eliminate, risk. Aspire advises clients on the best ways to implement a culture of risk accountability.

Investment research capabilities
Investing requires the union of both art and science. Accordingly, Aspire relies on a combination of independent research, performed by a dedicated research team, along with client-driven advocacy through consultant involvement in the research process. We’re known for the depth and breadth of our research topics as well as our thoughtful recommendations.

Service delivery model
We believe that each client is unique, with an individual set of investment challenges. To meet those challenges, Aspire combines two prominent service models in investment consulting today - centralized resources and dedicated client service. This gives each client the personalized attention available through a smaller firm, as well as the resources of a large firm.

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