Institutional Investors

Our international reputation is driven by our consistent long term track record of value creation and client service.

This track record is supported by the breadth of our business and the Group's physical presence across the continent, providing us with a superior understanding of international markets. These markets are charaterised by informational inefficiencies, presenting unique investment opportunities which are identified via our expansive physical global network of offices and professionals.

Our investment decisions are founded on deep research resources, and a long-term value-based investment philosophy. This is executed through bespoke portfolio construction tailored to our clients' balanced, equity, fixed income or cash mandates. Our institutional investment vehicles include:

  • Segregated portfolios
  • Unitized portfolios
  • Listed funds
  • Structured products

For those institutional investors who are seeking global exposure with a minimum investment of US$ 1,000,000, we offer bespoke products or our international Pioneer Fund. For more details on such investment opportunities please contact us.

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